More copper


Copper Earrings and Necklace

Oh I got into a copper frenzy here. We had an intern at work and she left for home a few days ago so I made her a necklace and matching earrings. Well it was more the other way round really, I made the earrings first and then the necklace while I was in the swing of it.

I found the earrings in the interweave (I think) book 101 Wire Earrings. I really like that book by the way. I like most of the designs and I think it is great for ideas and inspiration. Sometimes I think I do regret a little that I have my ear holes stretched. Maybe I should just see if they in smaller again if I let them. Anyway. The earrings are very easy, just a little bit hammering here and there, some beads and more hammering.

I found inspiration for the necklace in Linda Jones’ book The Complete Guide to Wire and Beaded Jewellery. I only replaced their dangly  bits with my earring dangly bits and finished. Quite easy really, and I love how they all look.

copper bracelet and earrings

Copper Earrings and Necklace

Got another photo that shows the necklace better, altho it is a little shiny:


Copper Cuff

I never really liked copper too much before I started making jewellery, but now with the increasing prices for silver I found it is a very nice and affordable alternative. Looking for some nice beginner wire projects I found JewlieBeads on etsy and bought her tute for the Wire-Wrapped Cuff-Bracelet. The tutorial is absolutely brilliant and -lucky me- quite foolproof, with loads of pics and easy to understand explanations.

I’m quite happy with the first piece I made:

woven copper bracelet

Woven Wire Cuff Bracelet first attempt

I got the bead of ebay, 13mm diameter, glass and foil. Most of the wire is copper apart from the two swirls round the bead, they are fine silver. I oxidised it with Ammonium Polysulfide, and I think I might have been a bit too generous with that, could have done with a bit less oxidising as it turned out quite dark. Unfortunately I did not follow the instructions all the way through, I got carried away a little bit and happened to make a few wire knots right in the back of the glass bead. The result was that the wire ends kept scratching the back of my hand and wrist until they drew blood! Smart me, haha! I covered them with a few layers of glue and it seems to work so far, no more scratches. I know now for next time 😉


Winter seemed to be over, but then there was more cold ands how 😦
But then: more reason for woolly hats 🙂

third Thorpe

Thorpe no3, this time for BF, no tassles

Another Thorpe hat, this time for my BF who likes green but no tassles. Handdyed and handspun BFL.

Marram hat in handspun

Marram hat in handspun Merino, slighlyt lumpy

Marram hat, lovely pattern, quick knit. The yarn I used was some Merinow that I had spun ages ago. It turned out quite big, but then it covers my ears nicely. Also it is not very regular and quite thick and thin, so you cannot really see the spiraly pattern. I still like it.


And my favourite:

Beet Heid

Beet Heid

Beet Heid

Loved the pattern for the Neep Heid by Kate Davies (available here or here). Very addictive knit really.

Binding Off never felt so good…


… and never took so long! Oh goodness, over 560 stitches took me ages! But now I’m finally done! All blocked, all dry –  and oh how I love the shawl. I like how the colours came together, altho I had estimated that I’d only get a pink strip and some more grey at the edge. But it needed less yarn and so I got the nice pink edge. I needed in total about 150grams of 2-ply sport weight merino yarn from, knitted on 4.5mm needles, ovendyed a while ago for this project.

Whippoorwill is a great pattern, very easy to follow. Instructions for three different sizes, all with the correct stitch numbers, lacy pattern in written instructions as well as in charts.

It would be quite interesting to have a total stitch count. I only know that they were enough stitches to wipe out the little numbers that tell you the needlesize!

Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet

I found some nice pictures of those Chan Luu style bracelets on the net. They don’t seem to be very popular in the UK yet by the looks of it. You can get some tho, and the prices are extortionate.

Chan Luu Ruby Zoisite on

My favourite one is this here, you can buy it here if you like. For as little as 262 pounds. 262 pounds my butt! The Ruby Zoisite they use is very pretty, I do like the little bits of pink in it, and it goes lovely with the pink/purple leather strap. Now I do admit that my knowledge about gemstones and precious and semiprecious and AAA graded or just A graded and what not is not too great, so I cannot judge if this piece is worth the price. But I know just too damn well that there is no way that I’d spend more than a tenner on a Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet like this.

Here is an awesome tutorial on how to make them, including video clips, detailed explanations and hints and tips.  Another fantastic Video Tutorial is here.
It seems to be easy enough, round the leather, through the bead, round the leather, back through the bead, round the leather and to the next bead. Quick shopping trip on ebay and I ended up with 2 16 inch strands of pretty green moss agate beads, 4mm round, 3 meters of brown leather cord, 1mm diameter, brown nylon thread, and silver buttons. All under a tenner.

And then I started beading.
It took me about 2.5hrs to get a 5 wrap bracelet, it was quite straight froward to do. My wrists are quite thin, so I started with 1.80 meters of leather cord and twice as much thread, the thread taken double. The thread was long enough to get me about halfway through it, so I had to knot some together (mental note for the next time: use longer thread). And I noticed that the whole bracelet started bending when the loop around the leather cord (the one loop that goes BACK through the bead) is not at the correct height. That makes the bead lie in a slight angle and it pulls the leather cord to the side.

And this is what I came up with:

my first beaded leather wrap bracelet

I do quite like it. I am a little surprised tho how thin/small it is tho. From the pictures on the net I would have thought that they are much bigger and heavier.

I think I’d like one with slightly bigger beads but therefore only one or two wraps. Guess I’ll have to try that out next 🙂

WIP Wednesday 19 jan

Oh that damn Whippoorwill shawl! I was nearly done when I noticed that I had made a mistake 5 or 6 rows below! For some reason I must have purled about 30 stitches instead of knitted them! Nooooo! So I had to unravel  about 3000 stitches and I got to knit them again. Knitting them was hard work, but unravelling them was torture and much slower than knitting them. Sigh. I think I must be a very masochistic knitter 😉

WIP Whipporwill before unravelling 6 rows

Something I’d like to share: Raven Jewellery holder

I stumbeled over this when looking online for a jewellery stand that I could make myself. I found Thorunn Arandottir’s homepage and her awesome Raven Jewellery holder. I don’t think I could attempt that at home tho, maybe in miniature format only. But I really really love this.

Thorunn Arnadottir's Raven