Homemade Niddy Noddy

My lovely BF made me a Niddy Noddy from PVC pipes. Luckily i got the pipes from his dad who had them in his shed. When i checked in the british DIY and home improvement retailer with the orange sign, i nearly collapsed when i saw the prices for 22mm PVC pipes and two Tees. Buying a new wooden Niddy Noddy would have actually been cheaper! well, nearly. But oh well, that is twenty quid saved that go into my spinning wheel-savings account 🙂

The measurements are for the centre piece 41cm(16inch) including the tees.  That gives me a length of 1.70m for the skein, about 1.8yards. It is a bit on the longer side but i like the skein it makes better when it’s longer. The side pieces are about 6cm each, so the total width of them including the Tees is 33cm (13inch). It is a bit wide, it is not too handy to wind the yarn onto it so i might shorten them a bit. I’ll have to see how it goes.


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