First Dyeing Experiment KoolAid

My first try to dye roving a couple af weeks ago, and it even turned out ok!

I used Kool Aid to dye 100g BFL roving.  First i soaked the roving for 20mins in luke warm water. Then i transferred the wet rowing into an oval glass dish. I dissolved three bags of KoolAid each separate in about 50mL water and filled them in squirt bottles. The colours i used were Berry Blue (turned out red), Tropical Punch (blue) and Grape (purple).

I applied the dye onto the roving, squirted it into the fibre to get the dye through to the bottom. Then I popped the dish into the oven and heated it up to 180°C for 10 minutes, switched the oven off and let it sit in the heat for af ew more minutes. By then the water in the dish was clear. I took it out, let  it cool and drained it a strainer. Quick rinse in clear water and let it dry.

I was quite surprised how it turned out. I like the colours, they are really quite bright. There are still some white bits, but that is ok I guess.

So i spun it up. I halved the roving to try to get singles with similar colours to ply them together. I think it is fascinating to see how the spun yarn looks like compared to the dyed fibre. Since the KoolAid colours came on so bright on the roving, I expected to get a quite bright yarn out of it with strong colours. But the colours in the spun wool are so much softer, nearly pastel. Maybe that comes from the white/unstained that was left in the roving? I like the singles, I like them better than the roving to be honest. Lesson learned 🙂
The 2-ply was another surprise, it did get quite a bit darker than the singles. It is about worsted/bulky and feels wonderfully soft. It still smells like KoolAid tho!


2 responses to “First Dyeing Experiment KoolAid

  1. I love that yarn Lizzie! You are so amazing! I just stumbled upon your new website and am really enjoying seeing all that you are up to! Busy woman! 🙂 Kisses!

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