I was on holidays!

Finally! I thought it would never come. So two weeks agoI left on a plane towards home, to a small town in the very South of Bavaria. It was good to see my family, especially my 1-year old nephew, who by the way looks like Chucky from the Childsplay movies, haha.

We went on two short trips, the first to Alto Adige, a region of the Dolomites in the North of Italy. We had to glorious autumn days with cotton-ball like fog in the valleys and gorgous sunshine on the mountains. Cortina d’Ampezzo is a ghost town off season, but has a great Pizzeria.

This first picture is a view from the “Three Peaks” – Tri Ceme di Lavaredo/Drei Zinnen in theAuronzo Dolomites of Northeastern Italy. It looks a bit like a lunar landscape up there, quite impressive.

Later on in the week we went on a one day trip to Venice, the only city where you can get seasick by crossing the street. And again we were lucky and had brilliant sunshine and T-Shirt temperatures. What a weird and beautiful city!


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