FO: Lett-Lopi Vest

Oh I am so in love with the Lett-Lopi vest!

I am not as grumpy as I look like!

So i got myself some nice wool and on cast on my Lett-Lopi Vest (pdf).  My main yarn is New Lanark Aran wool instead of Lett-Lopi, I bought three 100g skeins in Gritstone, a nice dark grey/slightly brownish. For the colourwork I got New Lanark Aran Wool in Ecru and DROPS Alaska in a medium green and a darker red . Altho the New Lanark Wool is Aran weight too, i got a quite different gauge: 15 stitches and 23-24 rows gave me a 10cm x 10cm square. I was quite surprised about the huge difference in stitches (especially since the Ecru coloured one seems to be a bit thinner), so i cast on for a small size (normally I’d have gone for an M-L size), but that was still too big (i got about 103cm circumference, my target is about 90cm). I unravelled everything again, did some calculations and figured out the modifications to get my size:

Cast on 124 stitches
5 rows moss stitch
knit 14 rows (I wanted it slightly longer)
decrease 1 stitch on both sides of marker
follow pattern until vest measures 35cm
cast off for armholes 8 stss on each side (4before and 4 after the stitch marker)
that makes it 54 sts for the front and 54 sts for the back
as in pattern 4 rows in front and 4 rows back
cast on for armholes 38sts on each side (total 184sts, i.e. 23 pattern repeats)
knit the yoke as in the pattern to finish.

Now that it is finished I think I could have cast on maybe 8 more stitches, but after blocking it fits perfect now! I’m quite tempted to whip up some  matching armwarmers…

I quite like the New Lanark Wool (I had used the Aran Silk Tweed before for my DROPS cabled dress). It is slightly scratchy, but it softens quite a bit  by handling and washing, and I’m not gonna wear it on my skin anyway. The brown did bleed quite a bit tho when I washed it, but it did not stain the Ecru coloured. Still, for that price I’m happy with it 🙂


2 responses to “FO: Lett-Lopi Vest

  1. TwinkeeFactory

    I’m so jealous!! I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while!! It looks absolutely wonderful on you! And I bet it is so warm….

    Very nice! 🙂

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