WIP Wednesday Dec 01

Working on a few things just now. i want to make a little coat for the BFs nephew, I picked Lino’s Coat, I think it is very cute. Using Vera Mode Chunky and the coat looks huge. It is knit in one bit, the pic might look confusing, it is the sleeve in the bottom, front and back on the right and left respectively. I don’t have children, so those few times i knit something for kids, toddlers or babies I’m always worried it won’t fit because I have no idea about the proportions. We’ll see.

Linos coat, to be folded in the middle = shoulder


The next project is one gonna be a christmas present for my mum, a knitted Lace Jewellery Frame. I got an old frame of ebay and took out the pictures that were in there. I’m not sure yet if I should do the netting to make the frame portrait or landscape oriented, I’ll see. I think I’ll use dark brown yarn and able or maybe orange background. This is the frame, I looooove the gold.

Frame for the lace jewellery frame


Oh, and there is another Thorpe hat, nearly finished.


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