Felted Swirly Beads

I had some leftover merino and what not fibres lying around, so I started my first wet-felting experiment. My only previous felting experience was needle felted gorey eyeball (it really looks cool, haha). I saw some of those beads on etsy, and I finally found a good tutorial on craftster (where else!). I layered some of my fiber and tried to start rolling, but it did not really roll that well. I rolled them on the flatter side of the bubble-wrap, and I’m thinking maybe I should have tried the bubbly side. Maybe then it would have not slipped so much. To get it rolling properly I just used my sushi-mat instead, and it worked brilliantly. Since I’ve never done that before, I had no idea when to stop to make sure that it is felted enough. I just stopped when the cigars felt fairly dence. The I let them dry and cut of a few bead-slices. They seem to hold together ok, but I think I’ll know for sure once I’m using them for something. That’s my problem now, I’ve got no idea yet what to do with them, I’m sure i’ll find something 🙂

felted swirl bead-cigars

felted swirl bead-cigars


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