Winter seemed to be over, but then there was more cold ands how 😦
But then: more reason for woolly hats 🙂

third Thorpe

Thorpe no3, this time for BF, no tassles

Another Thorpe hat, this time for my BF who likes green but no tassles. Handdyed and handspun BFL.

Marram hat in handspun

Marram hat in handspun Merino, slighlyt lumpy

Marram hat, lovely pattern, quick knit. The yarn I used was some Merinow that I had spun ages ago. It turned out quite big, but then it covers my ears nicely. Also it is not very regular and quite thick and thin, so you cannot really see the spiraly pattern. I still like it.


And my favourite:

Beet Heid

Beet Heid

Beet Heid

Loved the pattern for the Neep Heid by Kate Davies (available here or here). Very addictive knit really.


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