Copper Cuff

I never really liked copper too much before I started making jewellery, but now with the increasing prices for silver I found it is a very nice and affordable alternative. Looking for some nice beginner wire projects I found JewlieBeads on etsy and bought her tute for the Wire-Wrapped Cuff-Bracelet. The tutorial is absolutely brilliant and -lucky me- quite foolproof, with loads of pics and easy to understand explanations.

I’m quite happy with the first piece I made:

woven copper bracelet

Woven Wire Cuff Bracelet first attempt

I got the bead of ebay, 13mm diameter, glass and foil. Most of the wire is copper apart from the two swirls round the bead, they are fine silver. I oxidised it with Ammonium Polysulfide, and I think I might have been a bit too generous with that, could have done with a bit less oxidising as it turned out quite dark. Unfortunately I did not follow the instructions all the way through, I got carried away a little bit and happened to make a few wire knots right in the back of the glass bead. The result was that the wire ends kept scratching the back of my hand and wrist until they drew blood! Smart me, haha! I covered them with a few layers of glue and it seems to work so far, no more scratches. I know now for next time 😉


One response to “Copper Cuff

  1. That looks very cute. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Petra

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