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Dado Hat

My first post ever!

A while ago my  mum asked me to knit her a hat. We do have kind of the same taste, maybe differ in colour, but i know what she wants, warm and cosy and to cover her ears.

I went for a basic hat and added some 3D contrast-colur ripple-rails, and I’m really sorry i just have no idea what the correct english name is for them. I did search everywhere and I’m sure that there is a name for them, so if you know it, please enlighten me! Until that I’ll call them ripples. My BF called them Dadorails, hence the name: Triple Dadorail Hat. Short Dado hat. I quite like the name.
I even spun the wool myself, it is my first real spinning project, AND my first pattern, that makes it very exciting for me!

So that is what it turned out like, in two sets of colours. The Photos for the tutorial are from the hat with the lighter lavender as main colour and the darker heather as contrast dadorail colour.

Dado Hat

Technique Ripple/Dadorail:

The ripple is knit in the contrast colour. For this hat i knitted 4row-ripples, i.e. 4 rows in contrast colour. Less would make a smaller 3D effect, more would make the ripples bigger. Using the main colour again we will then close the ripple. I like to use a slightly smaller knitting needle or DPN. With the smaller needle pick up the last stitch in the main colour on the wrong side/purled side/inside of the hat. Since we are using different colours it is easy to see the purl-loops of the last main colour stitches. It might be easier to pick up a few stitches, maybe ten, but not too many. Now knit the live stitch and the “old” stitch from four rows below together. Knit the live stitch as usual and knit it together with the “old” stitch. It helps if you try to align both needles right next to each other. Make sure that the two stitches that are being knit together are the correct ones that go with each other, you don’t want to knit the first stitch together with the second or last, it will give everything a wrong twist. It is kind of like a three-needle-bind-off just without binding off.
I hope the photos help to understand what i’m trying to do here 🙂

dfg sdrtg

These are the stitches we are after. I use to pick them up on the wrong side as shown, from below.

Pick up a few of the “old” stitches

Hold the needles next to each other and start knitting

Knit first the normal stitch as usual and then the “old” stitch

Spinning the wool

I used 100g dyed Merino tops from Worldof, spun singles on my drop spindle and plied them together, also on my dropspindle. The yarn i got was about 10-11wpi, so DKish for weight. I used the wool for two hats with the opposite colours for maincolour and contrast colour, i still have some left. Because of it is handspun it is not perfectly even, but i like it the way looks a lot. The colours i used were no. 55 Heather and no. 53 Lavender. It feels lovely.

Dado Hat

The hat is knit with DKish yarn, but any other yarnweight will do if the stitch numbers are adjusted. It is knit in a main colour A and a contrast colour B. The hat is entirely knit in stockinette stitch in the round on DPNs. The brim is meant to roll up a bit.

DK yarn main colour A (100g)
DK contrast colour B (enough for 12 rows)
5mm DPNs
3mm needle or one DPN
Yarn needle

Cast on 80sts in A
Distribute stitches evenly on the DPNs
Knit in the round for 12 rounds or until the brim measures 6cm

Knit 4 rounds in B (do not break thread A)
Pick up thread A again and do the ripple the whole round
Knit 2 rounds in A
Knit 4 rounds in B
Pick up thread A again and do another ripple the whole round
Knit 2 rounds in A
Knit 4 rounds in B
Pick up thread A again and do another ripple the whole round – you should now have three ripples
Knit 20 rounds  or until hat measures 10cm from the last ripple
Start crown decrease:
*k6, k2tog*  (70sts left)
*k5, k2tog*  (60sts left)
*k4, k2tog*  (50sts left)
*k3, k2tog*  (40sts left)
*k2, k2tog*  (30sts left)
*k1, k2tog*  (20sts left)
*k2tog*  (10sts left)
* k2tog*   (5sts left)
Break yarn, and with the needle pick up the last remaining stitches and sew them up.

Sew in all loose ends.

Block if desired (i didn’t because it fits so perfect)

The Merino wool i used for my hat is so lovely and soft and warm and cozy. I only wish it was superwash so it could just go into the washing machine. Oh well, handwash it is.

Let me know if there are any questions, and of course i’d love to see any FOs (for private use only of course).

Thanks for reading and enjoy.