FO Cabled Baby Vest DROPS B17-9

Finally i got the little vest for the BF’s nephew finished. I don’t really like knitting for babies and children to be honest. Since I don’t have any of my own, I have no idea about the dimensions and sizes and fits and so on. That is why I liked the DROPS design pattern, it gives me measurements in cms. Not that I ended up with those measurements of course, but at least I get the idea.

Instead of the recommended Alpaca I used some Karisma superwash DK wool I still had left in my stash’ light olive green, perfect colour for a little boy. He is about 7 months by now, so I went for the 6-9 months size. It was ok to knit up, only the necklines are a bit annoying. You have to pick up stitches for the neckline, knit 4 or 5 rounds, bind off, pick up stitches for the left shoulder, knit four or five rounds, bind off, pick up stitches for the right shoulder, knit four or five rounds, bind off. And that to me, who hates to sew in ends. Oh well, I still like it. Altho it turned out quite bigger than the size I tried to get. I could block it into proportions of the next bigger size, he’ll grow into it. I haven’t given it away yet, but I hope they’ll like it too.

Little Cabled Vest FO


WIP Wednesday Jan 12

Now with the yarn all dyed I of course could not wait to get started on the Whippoorwill shawl. I love how they wool came out with the colours. And it feels marvellously soft, too.

I’m at about 370 stitches per row, it is torture!

Whippoorwill scarf WIP

WIP Whippoorwill

Back to the wool and more dyeing

I want to make the Whippoorwill Wrap-Shawl for me, and it took me ages to find some colours. Finally I decided to go for some grey and pink. The pattern asks for some really nice but expensive sock-yarn or fingering weightish yarn, but they are all so dead expensive, so I had to dye my own. I ordered some organic merino 2-ply sport yarn (they happened to be out of the 4-ply I think) from Yarnundyed, it feels so lovely soft. I wanted to get one gradient from grey to pink into the wool and also get semisolid colours to make the shawl a bit happier. To get one gradient I could not dye the skeins as they were, I wanted one end grey and then pink and the end grey again. So I wrapped 2 undyed skeins of each 100g/375m over my elbow into 6 skeins each. I presoaked them in warm water, squeezed out excess water and then layered them into my pyrex dish. The grey skeins to the left side, then a few pink skeins to the right side, and the last two skeins to be grey again back to the left side. I had quite dilute dyes in squeeze bottles, soaked the wool with grey and pink, splashed a bit pink into the grey, squeezed them all with my fingers to make sure that the dye is fairly good distributed and all the way to the bottom of the dish. Then i covered it with aluminium foil, popped the dish into the oven and baked it for about 40mins. After I had taken it out I left it to cool, the colour has been completely absorbed by the wool, i gave it a rinse and hung the skeins up to dry.

I love how they came out:

skeins of pink-and grey oven dyed wool

and wound into balls

Trying something new

Just before christmas I started trying a few new things. The first was soapmaking. I just ordered a melt-and-pour kit, but to be honest I did not really like it, altho making my own soap sounds so tempting. Oh well.
I also tried to make a bit of jewellery. After playing round for a while I managed some nice things I’m quite happy with:
My friend from work is a Harley-girl, yes she has her own bike and is not just a passenger. Just before Christmas she started to knit and she knitted herself a stripey Harley Davidson Sweater (yeah, normal people start with a scarf or something easy like that, but it came out quite well indeed), so I decided to make her something Harley-related too. I found those perfect guitar picks in a music shop and turned them into some nice earrings. With wings of course.

guitarpick earrings for a Harley Girl

I’m immensely proud how they came out, I really love them. And I quite enjoyed making them, too. Too bad I have stretched earholes, so I cannot really wear any nice fine earrings…

I also make a bracelet for myself. I got the instructions from the beginners book making wire jewellery and more by Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey. It was fairly easy to make. You can probably see that I did not use Sterling silver wire, the copper core shows through at the ends and where I hammered a bit too much, but you can hardly notice it when it’s on.

hammered bracelet

Felted Swirly Beads

I had some leftover merino and what not fibres lying around, so I started my first wet-felting experiment. My only previous felting experience was needle felted gorey eyeball (it really looks cool, haha). I saw some of those beads on etsy, and I finally found a good tutorial on craftster (where else!). I layered some of my fiber and tried to start rolling, but it did not really roll that well. I rolled them on the flatter side of the bubble-wrap, and I’m thinking maybe I should have tried the bubbly side. Maybe then it would have not slipped so much. To get it rolling properly I just used my sushi-mat instead, and it worked brilliantly. Since I’ve never done that before, I had no idea when to stop to make sure that it is felted enough. I just stopped when the cigars felt fairly dence. The I let them dry and cut of a few bead-slices. They seem to hold together ok, but I think I’ll know for sure once I’m using them for something. That’s my problem now, I’ve got no idea yet what to do with them, I’m sure i’ll find something 🙂

felted swirl bead-cigars

felted swirl bead-cigars

WIP Wednesday dec 15

WIP Baby-Drops 17-9

I’m gonna make this little vest for my BF’s nephw for Christmas. He is 8 months old. I don’t see him that often and i don’t have kids, so it is really dificult to estimate the size. I am too late to order the yarn they suggest, but I have some Garnstudio Karisma Superwash left. It is gonna be a warm vest I think. Hopefully not too warm…

FO Knitted Lace Jewellery Frame

My mum has a lot of earrings, and they are all scattered over or piled in a big goblet-like glass, she keeps losing them and if she finds a pair they are all tangled up. So I made her for christmas a Knitted Lace Jewellery Frame (instructions for knitted and crocheted pattern). I got the frame on ebay, it is about 40cmx20cm, I love the gold on it. I had some reddish Berocco Sox Metallic left which I used. It also has some golden glittery bits in it. It is a straight forward drop stitch pattern, very fast to make up. I made the waves in the pattern go horizontally, altho now that I look at it I wish I had done it vertically to be able to hang it up vertically. Oh well. I Mounted the webbing on a light green cardboard and put it back into the frame. Hope she’ll like it. I’m gonna make her some earrings as well so she’ll be getting something to hang onto it, too.


detail earring frame