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Trying something new

Just before christmas I started trying a few new things. The first was soapmaking. I just ordered a melt-and-pour kit, but to be honest I did not really like it, altho making my own soap sounds so tempting. Oh well.
I also tried to make a bit of jewellery. After playing round for a while I managed some nice things I’m quite happy with:
My friend from work is a Harley-girl, yes she has her own bike and is not just a passenger. Just before Christmas she started to knit and she knitted herself a stripey Harley Davidson Sweater (yeah, normal people start with a scarf or something easy like that, but it came out quite well indeed), so I decided to make her something Harley-related too. I found those perfect guitar picks in a music shop and turned them into some nice earrings. With wings of course.

guitarpick earrings for a Harley Girl

I’m immensely proud how they came out, I really love them. And I quite enjoyed making them, too. Too bad I have stretched earholes, so I cannot really wear any nice fine earrings…

I also make a bracelet for myself. I got the instructions from the beginners book making wire jewellery and more by Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey. It was fairly easy to make. You can probably see that I did not use Sterling silver wire, the copper core shows through at the ends and where I hammered a bit too much, but you can hardly notice it when it’s on.

hammered bracelet