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FO crochet basket

I finished the crochet basket, my new wip-basket/bag. I used two strands of fingering weight acrylic wool and a 5mm crochet hook. i made the bottom disc first, then the container walls and the included handles. the diameter is about 25cm (10in). height about 20cm (8in) to the handles. right after crocheting it was quite sturdy, but not too nicely shaped, the bottom was quite wavy, so I tried to slightly block it. I should not have done it, because now it is just soft and floppy and does not stand on its own anymore. Oh well, i just have to fill it up with big WIPs. It did use quite a lot of yarn tho, at least it did burn some stash.

crochet basket for wips

Finished crochet basket/bag



WIP Wednesday novĀ 17

Still on a mission to get rid of some stash. I’m not too inspired tho…

I’m crocheting a round basket-like thingy to keep my knitting project in, so my stuff is not lying all over the place on the couch and wherever else, and also that it is easier for me to carry them from one couch to the other. Acrylic yarn white and greenish two strands together on a crochet hook 5mm to make it nice and tight and stable should get rid of some wool.

WIP: WIP basket/bag