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FO DROPS cabled Dress 103-6

I do really like knitting larger projects. I thought the DROPS Design Cabled Dress is really cute so I just had to make it. I got the wool from the New Lanark Online Shop, it is Aran weight Donegal Silk Tweed, colourway Loveage. The Donegal Silk Tweek is 10% Silk and 90% Pure New Wool, the colour is a very very pale green, slightly sagey, with blue flecks. It was ok to knit with, it felt a bit rough tho. The first time i knit with Silk content, but I expected it to be softer, but I’ve read that it goes softer over time and when you wash it. I’ve finished it today and i’ve been wearing it the whole day, I think it is feeling a bit softer already. I do love the colour!

I’m normally a UK size 12, so i started the dress in Medium, but after 15cm i figured that that is a bit too wide. So I started all over again and cast on for a size S – much better! It fits great, the M would have been a bit too saggy. My bumm stretches the pattern slightly so that the cables are nice and open but not too stretched. I haven’t soaked and blocked yet, i’m a bit worried i might stretch it out a bit too much! It fits great just now, so fingers crossed it stays like that when i h eventually will have to wash it.
Knitting was ok, very easy, slightly boring. I couldn’t wait to finish the cables and just have rib pattern, i was getting slightly sick of the cables and they did slow me down quite a bit. I got nice brown wooden buttons to fix the straps.

There is one thing i am wondering about (the photo of the FO does not reflect any of this): how is it, that knitted garments (this dress, sweaters, another knit dress i have) ALWAYS make my boobs look tiny, but make my tummy stand out? Is anybody else noticing that? I mean i don’t have a big belly, I’m just not 20 anymore. But when i wear that dress for example, i need to put tummy-tuck-panties on. Otherwise i do look 7 months pregnant – or i have to seriously suck it in all the time. … Ah I still like the dress 😀