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Binding Off never felt so good…


… and never took so long! Oh goodness, over 560 stitches took me ages! But now I’m finally done! All blocked, all dry –  and oh how I love the shawl. I like how the colours came together, altho I had estimated that I’d only get a pink strip and some more grey at the edge. But it needed less yarn and so I got the nice pink edge. I needed in total about 150grams of 2-ply sport weight merino yarn from Yarnundyed.co.uk, knitted on 4.5mm needles, ovendyed a while ago for this project.

Whippoorwill is a great pattern, very easy to follow. Instructions for three different sizes, all with the correct stitch numbers, lacy pattern in written instructions as well as in charts.

It would be quite interesting to have a total stitch count. I only know that they were enough stitches to wipe out the little numbers that tell you the needlesize!


WIP Wednesday Jan 12

Now with the yarn all dyed I of course could not wait to get started on the Whippoorwill shawl. I love how they wool came out with the colours. And it feels marvellously soft, too.

I’m at about 370 stitches per row, it is torture!

Whippoorwill scarf WIP

WIP Whippoorwill

Back to the wool and more dyeing

I want to make the Whippoorwill Wrap-Shawl for me, and it took me ages to find some colours. Finally I decided to go for some grey and pink. The pattern asks for some really nice but expensive sock-yarn or fingering weightish yarn, but they are all so dead expensive, so I had to dye my own. I ordered some organic merino 2-ply sport yarn (they happened to be out of the 4-ply I think) from Yarnundyed, it feels so lovely soft. I wanted to get one gradient from grey to pink into the wool and also get semisolid colours to make the shawl a bit happier. To get one gradient I could not dye the skeins as they were, I wanted one end grey and then pink and the end grey again. So I wrapped 2 undyed skeins of each 100g/375m over my elbow into 6 skeins each. I presoaked them in warm water, squeezed out excess water and then layered them into my pyrex dish. The grey skeins to the left side, then a few pink skeins to the right side, and the last two skeins to be grey again back to the left side. I had quite dilute dyes in squeeze bottles, soaked the wool with grey and pink, splashed a bit pink into the grey, squeezed them all with my fingers to make sure that the dye is fairly good distributed and all the way to the bottom of the dish. Then i covered it with aluminium foil, popped the dish into the oven and baked it for about 40mins. After I had taken it out I left it to cool, the colour has been completely absorbed by the wool, i gave it a rinse and hung the skeins up to dry.

I love how they came out:

skeins of pink-and grey oven dyed wool

and wound into balls

FO Knitted Lace Jewellery Frame

My mum has a lot of earrings, and they are all scattered over or piled in a big goblet-like glass, she keeps losing them and if she finds a pair they are all tangled up. So I made her for christmas a Knitted Lace Jewellery Frame (instructions for knitted and crocheted pattern). I got the frame on ebay, it is about 40cmx20cm, I love the gold on it. I had some reddish Berocco Sox Metallic left which I used. It also has some golden glittery bits in it. It is a straight forward drop stitch pattern, very fast to make up. I made the waves in the pattern go horizontally, altho now that I look at it I wish I had done it vertically to be able to hang it up vertically. Oh well. I Mounted the webbing on a light green cardboard and put it back into the frame. Hope she’ll like it. I’m gonna make her some earrings as well so she’ll be getting something to hang onto it, too.


detail earring frame

FO Another Thorpe

Thorpe hat for MC

Oh I loved my Thorpe hat so much, I made another one, this time for my flute teacher. She said she really liked mine, so I made this one for her. I am slightly nervous. It is the first time that I knit something for somebody else apart from my family, and that would be pretty much my mum only anyway. Oh, and my little 5-year-old nephew for whom I made this really cool norwegian jumper with pirate-like skull and crossbones instead of the stars last christmas, but his mother put it in the very bottom of his dresser so tells me my mum, so no more handknitted stuff for that part of the family, but that is another story. So, I am slightly nervous, I hope she’ll like it. I used the BFL that I had dyed with acid dyes and spun on my wheel earlier. It was 100g of my default worsted-weightish, and I ran out! well, not too bad actually, the earflaps are both maybe 5-6 rows shorter, but it does not matter too much. I looove the colours and how it came out. My teacher wears a lot of purple, so I think that might suit her. Gotta wait another two weeks until it is close enough to Christmas so i can give it to her.

FO: Granny-style Tea Cozy

I love how it turned out. I have to admit I hated to knit it, but I had to keep going because I so wanted it to be finished. So I knitted like mad. I still think the colours look like a football strip (from the seventies), but I love it. And it really does keep the tea warm.

For the flower on top I only made one big one with tow strands held together and then I added a little I-cord loop.

Again, the pattern can be found here.

Tea Cozy in morning sun

Tea Cozy with flower on top

WIP Wednesday nov 10

Granny Tea Cozy WIP1

Granny-style Tea Cozy to use some of the stash. Got lots of random acrylic wool 4ply-DK I want to get rid off but don’t want to throw it out. Wasn’t too sure about the colour combination when I started, but now I’m quite ok with it. I finished the first half, quite tedious knit, takes longer than it looks like, uses more wool than i thought, need to keep three strands untangled, quite different but I really like how it comes out.

Franny Tea Cozy WIP2: One half done!

Morning Surf Scarf with my KoolAid Handdyed Handspun lace/light fingering yarn is coming on very slow. Like the pattern, but the dropped stitch rows seem to take ages. About 40cm/16in done. Thinking of hibernate this until I have nothing else to do.

Morning Surf WIP