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FO Knitted Lace Jewellery Frame

My mum has a lot of earrings, and they are all scattered over or piled in a big goblet-like glass, she keeps losing them and if she finds a pair they are all tangled up. So I made her for christmas a Knitted Lace Jewellery Frame (instructions for knitted and crocheted pattern). I got the frame on ebay, it is about 40cmx20cm, I love the gold on it. I had some reddish Berocco Sox Metallic left which I used. It also has some golden glittery bits in it. It is a straight forward drop stitch pattern, very fast to make up. I made the waves in the pattern go horizontally, altho now that I look at it I wish I had done it vertically to be able to hang it up vertically. Oh well. I Mounted the webbing on a light green cardboard and put it back into the frame. Hope she’ll like it. I’m gonna make her some earrings as well so she’ll be getting something to hang onto it, too.


detail earring frame